A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a prototype version of the game I am making in my spare time.  Everything is put together by me alone, except for the art assets and sound effects, which are found from free online sources.  The music is provided by my good friend Alex Tran.

Hungering Blade is a 2D adventure platformer.

You play as an adventurer who is accompanied by a chubby demon with an insatiable appetite.  In exchange for food the demon rewards you with his demonic powers, unlocking a whole new world of potential.

Updated 27 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux

Install instructions

Don't move any files.  Just simply download the zip file, take out the game folder, and run the .exe file.


HungeringBlade.zip 51 MB


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Update Log:

5/2 Update:

More food is has been added and animation controls/combat feels much smoother

5/7 Update:

Moved Enemies around, changed some small details about enemy attacks, player now cannot leave boss arena, fixed stuff I broke, etc...

5/9 Update:

Changed main character, added sliding, jumping, triple attack, crouching, and more

5/12 Update:

Polished some animation states, reworked health bar, big UI additions and menus hooked up.

5/21 Update:

I'm taking the time to overhaul the art assets with cooler ones.  New stuff coming shortly!

5/24 Update:  

~Built a much larger world by taking advantage of Unity's TileMap editor, new tile based art assets added (no longer forest themed)

~Added animations for UI elements 

~ Main menu, pause menu, death menu all implemented properly

~ Checkpoints have been added.  Right now it saves your health and last position.

~ Breakable boxes now explode food items

~ Wall jumping has been added to the game

6/3 Update:  The "I had relatives in town and didn't get as much done" update

~ Checkpoints now save enemies, breakables and update UI correctly

~ Enemies now drop coins instead of food to spend later on

~ The player receives better platforming skills when he befriends the demon

~ Food from crates goes directly into demon's mouth to avoid problems

~ Demon follows player once befriended, but does not directly interact with anything

6/14 Update:

~ Replaced sprint with a quick dash and changed jump animation

~ Added 2 new enemies: Drop blob and Spitting Blob

~ Began working on strength upgrade system

7/18 Update:

~ Added new ability menu that tracks your consumed foods, tells you what is required to unlock each tier, and a description of each ability

~ Brand new Main Menu and Death Menu

~ Most of level 1 is now built

~ Air slash, Air slam, and quick dash abilities have been implemented, more to come.

~ Animations now play for checkpoints and leveling up, providing more visual feedback to the player


8/1 Update:

~ More areas of the game have been built

~ New enemy type: Blob Man

~ Added a stun feature for both players and enemies when they take damage

~ Fixed main menu buttons to be more consistent

~ Lots of sound effects and music added to the game! More to come soon!

8/6 Update:

~ Sound, sound, and yup you guessed it, more sound! Tons of sound effects!

~ Enemy death effects are now implemented (they're really something special)

~ Air slam now breaks bridges to access more parts of the map

~ Slide strike ability has been implemented

~ Level reworks:  The world being updated as the game continues to grow.

9/2 Update:

~ Finished Building world

~ Ending boss sequence added (no spoilers)

~ Remaining abilities implemented: Bow, Retaliation Bomb, Chaos Blade, Flame Punch, HP absorb

~ Visual effects added: Tons of new particles

~ Tweaked some player controls for the better

9/23 Update:

~ Level 1 can be completed and replayed

~ More sounds have been added (even more coming soon)

~ Improved shielding mechanics (watch your back!)

~ Main menu changes

~ Fixed stuff I broke, then broke more, then fixed again